Imagine Desking System

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A living office supports its users activities, for both group and individual work. Its spatial design can help promote an inclusive workplace culture, harmoniously bringing together multi generational and multi- cultural occupants.

Everything begins with new ideas. Good work space design should help cultivate both productivity and creativity. Designed by POSH Design Lab, Imagine Desking is a industry leading platform that comprehensively addresses and offers a variety of options to create interesting spaces.

Imagine Essential was created to introduce an element of the unexpected, to spur imagination. Arranged in a Hive setting, users will intuitively realise that they could settle into these individual workstations. They are equipped with ergonomic furnishings and colourful options, allowing you to work in a health-positive way in an environment customised for you.

An idea is not realised without a touch of refinement. So we offer you the ability to decide how you would like to dress up your desk. There’s no limit to your choice of colours, materials and fabrics allowing you to create your ideal work space.